Mount Kilauea

Facts about Kilauea Volcano, it's history and current eruptions


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Mount Kilauea Volcano
Kilauea Volcano - the largest active volcano on Earth!
Ka'u Desert
Ka'u Desert - the lifeless desert just few steps away of lush rain forest!
Pauahi Crater
Pauahi Crater - impressive feature along Chain of Craters road!

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[Facts about Mount Kilauea]

  • Mount Kilauea is an active shield volcano in the Hawaiian Islands, one of five shield volcanoes that together form the Island of Hawaii
  • "Kilauea" means "spewing" or "much spreading," apparently in reference to the lava flows that it erupts.
  • is one of the most active volcano on Earth
  • has its own magma-plumbing system, extending to the surface from more than 60 km deep in the earth.
  • The lava is basalt, which is quite hot (2000 F) but not explosive.
  • Mount Kilauea in Hawaii has erupted 62 times in 245 years. The current eruption began in January 1983 and has been going on ever since.
  • A lighthouse, Kilauea Lighthouse, bears the name after the volcano.
  • According to Hawaiian myths, Pele, The Goddess of Fire lives hidden in the volcano.
  • If you plan to visit Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, please read carefully these safety precautions !
  • Ka'u Desert, magnificent dead-like desert on the verge of Hawaiian Volcano National Park
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